The best cloud is no cloud

cloudless fog computing
with containers directly on nodes

Safe, secure and fast partial container application updates.

Enable new business models through safe and secure differential updates on embedded devices without changing to new hardware. Deploy containers, just like docker, but without the resource requirements. Swap your current cloud for a new one or add interoperability layers from the archon container store. Bolter compresses executables by up to 95%, allowing more stuff to run on the same hardware.

Get Korhal Archon for Linux
korhal — bash

$ bolter run amazon-aws/aws-iot-connector --region eu-west-1

> receiving archon index .. complete

> 4 shards with 924Kb (downloading 2 new shards with 43Kb)

> receiving shards from peers



Welcome to AWS IoT

Connecting to the aws cloud...

Decentralized realtime fleet managment.

Joining the decentralized Korhal Carrier Network enables real time interaction with your device fleet even through double-nat and poorly configured uplinks. Access business critical realtime metrics, crash reports, usage information, uptime statistics through the Nexus and allow your support agents, partners and engineers to react right in the moment it happens.

Get Korhal Nexus for Linux

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